Growing up in one of Newcastle’s neighbouring villages, Dundrum, in the heart of County Down, we have always been close to some of the most desirable destinations in all of Ireland.

My name is Frances and along with my husband, Jamie, we have created Eleven 77. A home fragrance range that will help you to create a warm, inviting ambiance and invigorate your senses. As mentioned above, both my husband and I originate from Dundrum, a tiny little village just North of Newcastle along the coast. Dundrum is famed for being the home of one of County Down’s oldest castles, which has proven to be an immensely popular tourist destination for decades. Build in 1177 by John De Courcey, Dundrum Castle is a magnificent structure with stunning views of the Bay and the Mourne Mountain’s from above the wooden hill. Hence, why we got our wedding photos taken here!

From Castles to Forests and from the seaside to sweet shops, we have created something for everyone with our range of luxury 100% soy wax melts, gorgeous room mists and beautiful reed diffusers, all made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Come along with us on our journey as we bring you scents for all occasions, beautifully handcrafted right in the heart of County Down.