Dundrum Castle – Plum & Rhubarb

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The Inspiration: Home (for Dundrum is where I call home). Childhood memories of great adventures playing in the Castle grounds high on the hill overlooking Dundrum Bay. Feeling the chill of the sea breeze and running home for tea and a slice of my mother’s fruit pie.

The Scent: A compote of ripe home grown fruit, comforting and familiar

Top Notes: Rhubarb
Heart Notes: Pear, Peach
Base Notes: Plum, Blackberry

Safety & CLP

(Iso E-Super, 2,2-dimethyl-1, 3- dioxolan 4-ylmethanol, Linalyl acetate)

WARNING: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains Ethyl methylphenylglycidate, Linalool, d-Limonene, delta -1(2,6,6-Trimethyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one.

Eleven Seventy-Seven,17 Shrewsbury Dale, Saintfield, 07851099207.

Eleven 77, 17 Shrewsbury Dale, Saintfield, 07851099207

User Instructions

Unscrew the silver collar and remove stopper. Insert the reeds into the bottle provided and screw the silver collar back on.

Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to fill the room and bask in the scent.

The reeds can be left unattended or inverting the reeds will strengthen the fragrance.

Do not light the reeds. Keep away from flame or high heat.

Do not place the diffuser directly onto surfaces as accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials.

1 review for Dundrum Castle – Plum & Rhubarb

  1. Valerie Cunningham

    This diffuser is amazing. The fragrance is out of this world. I love it

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